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About Our Services

Outsourcing your medical billing saves time and money.

eMed Billing Solutions provides comprehensive billing, coding, accounts receivable, and practice management services to medical and surgical practices.  Medical billing is a challenge with government and insurance regulations changing constantly.  Every medical and surgical specialty has its own unique coding and billing requirements.  Today, physicians face many obstacles in the healthcare environment, including managed care, decreasing reimbursement, compliance regulations and increasing costs.  Due to these obstacles, it has become increasingly difficult for physicians to practice medicine and manage billing operations.  For this reason, it makes sense to outsource the billing to reliable experts such as eMed Billing Solutions.  Our reimbursement specialists have extensive medical billing and account receivable management experience to effectively oversee the billing operations of your practice.  We assign your practice to an account management team with the certification and experience in your medical field. 

About Us

Our staff excels at medical billing because that's all we do!

Our goal is to provide outstanding medical billing services, to eliminate the insurance billing burdens from our clients' offices. We are tenacious in our collection process with healthcare insurers.  At the same time, we are caring in our interactions with patients. Each account management team’s objective is to accurately submit claims and patient statements to receive the correct reimbursement for services rendered, in the shortest amount of time. 

Ethical responsibilities for medical billing services are important

Ethical responsibilities for medical billing services are important because medical billers are privy to personal and financial information of both your practice and your patients, it is imperative you choose a biller who will behave in an ethical and legal manner.  HIPAA has mandated the standards required of all medical personnel with regard to patient confidentiality.  It is necessary for all medical practices to adhere to these standards. The Office of the Inspector General's web site lists the compliance requirements for physician practices. 

Our Office

Our office works with yours to provide a seamless transition by providing you billing software accessible anywhere there is an Internet connection. Your office can have access at all computers connected online, as well as other sites. Each staff member is assigned a user name and password, maintaining HIPAA compliance. You may choose to use our system exclusively in your office or to integrate it with your current system. Or you can stay with any practice management system with billing capabilities you are using and we will learn your software at our expense.  We are already well versed in many programs out there.  If you should be interested in our software. there is no charge to you and we transfer any current patient and billing information in a way most convenient to your office. Patient data exchange has to be easy on your staff or it breaks down and becomes a tiresome task. For this reason, we have several modes of data exchange and suggest the one best suited for your office. Tracking all charges until paid is done in several ways. First we send our claims through a pre-audit check. This is a preliminary check of the claim before it is sent out to the insurance carrier. If the claim passes the pre-audit, it is then batched by payor for electronic submission, if available for that payor. The batch submissions are tracked to make sure the claim was received and accepted by the payor. Then based on the payment cycle of each payor, our reimbursement specialists track each claim through the adjudication process until payment has been issued. We post payments received from insurance carriers and bill patients per your office policy.  We post patient payments, as well as follow up on any special requests from your office.  eMed Billing Solutions provides month-end reporting, reflecting the prior month charges, income, adjustments and change on the accounts receivable for that month’s billing period. In addition to these monthly reports, eMed Billing Solutions provides a fee schedule review to make sure the practice’s fees are set at the appropriate rate to receive the highest reimbursement without excessive adjustments on an annual basis, as well as annual coding audits to verify the coding is appropriate and complaint with government regulations. Special reports are available.